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Like Drops flowing into one ocean, Spirituality only exists in the connection, unity between people, intending to do good to each other above any self interest and reception for oneself. The individual parts become fully immersed as a whole part, operating as ONE, each adding fully to the single body. If the power of faith, doesn’t grow, it disappears..... What is faith? Our ability to go above our human Reason.


We are developing a new sense, a collective sense for being able to see the bigger picture rather than the small 5 sensory picture projected in our singular egoistic mind.... we need to become masters of duality. Understand that one side exists in order for us to experience the other side. I can now grow towards hatred of separation to move towards love of adhesion and unity.


Nothing changes in creation but our relation to it. We get to see the operation of Godliness through the revelation of its opposite ..... Some of you will put this louder Some of you will put this softer Some will play this over and over And some will stop it now There are 3 states The beginning, the middle and the end Time is an illusion In other words the three states are one In your perception and concealment of time and for this to make sense We are speaking to you from the 3rd state The perfected state, it already exists and this is you waking up to it.....



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