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Human Unity


Antisemitism, Racism, Xenophobia are just some serious dark forces in the human psychology, that is used to separate and egoistically give some more hatred and power over others. This divides and stretches the unifying field that exists amongst us all and us with nature. These dark forces exist and are a part of creation for a particular stage in its development. Correcting this attitude and covering these feelings and actions with love, above all reasons, brings the light and power of connection, that unifying field into existence. It’s a decision to build or destroy relationships and connections between humans and that of humans with its environment.


As humans begin to apply this beautiful unifying power of connection, it activates the purpose of creation amongst those in the mutual beneficial society and or environment. With it activated, do we feel it’s power as that of love and bestowal and this expands our perception of reality. It connects us to the whole abundance of the G’d Power, that One Source that unifies and corrects the seemingly lack humanity is constantly feeling with itself and others, on all levels of existence in this physical world. 


Be aware of it, that it exists in duality in every individual with no exceptions. It’s seeking and building a correct environment/society, where like minded and mutual beneficial individuals come together and direct all their efforts to build and obtain connection, as the primary decision. It’s from this point that we can begin the state of spirituality and go beyond this limited experience.


Therefore choosing environments of connection above any separators, herewith in begins the activation of the correction and revelation of our human nature and purpose. This too, then initiates the correct connection to those in the unified environment,  with the energy and power of the Creator of this total creation and experiences.





A new order results from a state of darkness, depression and seemingly negative states and experiences. It is Nature’s way, the Creator, the Doctor of doctors that provides us these dark states in all of us, in order to guide and force us into our purpose of existence by ways of awakenings. My corruptions in its time will be highlighted in my limited perception and attitude towards life. It is all highlighted in order for each one of us to do and add to it corrections.


Humanity’s purpose primarily is connection and unity, and firstly with itself and then with its environment that will thereafter naturally align and balance itself. It’s waiting for humans to connect and unite.


Therefore awaken and align to your darkness and depression as the forces are pushing you to new states and releasing that old self and structures that don’t serve you and humanity any more. Your own resistance will escalate the level and intensity of the darkness and depression. Release, surrender and seeking new ways and paths is our salvation, through each one connecting and unifying with the All, and each other.


Invert thyself from that of destructive self love to love of others and the world of eternity and light opens up, showing us unlimited bliss. Use that darkness for movement and new beginnings in creating the new world order.

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UPGRADE LOADING...................


We are entering a total multifaceted crisis on this planet. It is beginning to assist us to understand what is superfluous and redundant in our lives.  Notice all the actions we engage in physically and mentally, that do not bear any fruit for the balance of the soil, plant, animal and speaking levels of nature. 


This destruction will reveal to us where our target is that we need to direct and focus towards. This will result in the NEW WORLD ORDER to come out from this current state into a balanced state.  It shall happen in terrible reactions or we can take pro active actions now to reduce its painful and harmful outcomes.


A serious upgrade is therefore required of our existing  operating system, from that of our insatiable desire to receive for the self, and inverting this counter natural destructive state, to that where we enjoy from bestowing towards others.  From love of self to love of others.




We Need the LIGHT (Unity)


It is our present human Nature, the only thing that is preventing us from uniting. Nature developed reality in a very turbulent fashion of explosions, floods, fires and ice ages.  At present times, just as a serious parent, Nature is waiting for us to want to connect in unity as one man with one heart,  correctly with each other. This will raise the special spiritual desire for connection with our Source and we need to demand it.  We need to cry out together! Help!  


Otherwise we just remain on the level of animal, a kind of special

beast destroying everything around itself; if it's sweet we want it, if it's painful we reject it. This worse than animals that remain fully dependent on their environment, and without any conscious concern for it, but for itself, taking more than what’s just necessary.


So much more than we are suffering from all of this disconnection, Nature, like a concerned parent is suffering even more.


Let’s bring in great joy in this struggle and journey. Let us grow up now and be conscious humans with each other and all its surroundings, uniting above all of our differences.  By our correctly calibrated connection, together and inclusive with Nature, our Creator and Source.  The light to shine in this darkness we request, and pray together.  Let there be Light unto the Nations.









A time comes when a person engages in spiritual work actively and independently. This awakened state seeks the attainment beyond this physical (corporeal) existence as a top priority. Each one of us is being acted upon by the force of Creation and it is unbeknown to all of us. At specific moments the actions upon us are severe and results in serious questioning and then seeking the purpose of this life.  


We are all always carried and acted upon by this universal force in the utmost precision. According to the levels that each person attains, this contributes as additions to the purpose of Creation. Each is partaking in Creation within the myriad of very accurate and extensive calculations. Each person contributes by actions and experiences to the entire system and as all is already predetermined, the number of experiences and actions occurring, adds to the whole system of Creation. No one is better or worse but each is an active contributor to the whole, at different levels of consciousness and unconsciousness.


External factors especially suffering and pain makes a person contract and question their lives and how to transcend this nature of being. The unpleasant events, and specifically fear experiences,  leads us to desire to advance into states that transcends this earthly bound existence.


As soon as a person has contracted due to the negative experiences, thereafter an expansion state is desired. Not waiting for another external negative experience but to actively partake in this existence and all its actions upon us, results in spiritual awakenings. Attaining states beyond these earthly experiences is much described as being able to breath under water, beyond reason. Life always results in the power to move and has two dual opposing forces, all with purpose, such as life and death, hot and cold, love and hate, night and day etc. 


This is how a person advances and as soon as he is ready to expand and endure from the past experiences, he will grow and develop into higher levels of understanding and experiences. This in the same way a baby evolves into a child, teenager, adult and elder.


The crucial Connections between humans requires the same contraction and expansion dual law of development in order to achieve spirituality. We have to understand hate and love which reside in the same abode; because without knowing one the other could not be known neither experienced. As the body breaths and exhales automatically to survive, so do we too need to achieve the same in the actions of love of others and spiritual attainment.


We need to work, exert and connect as one man with one heart, together to the level of understanding and feeling one another emotionally beyond just mere words. Working and desiring in this fashion, creates what we call, space internally within ourselves, and forming a group of people, as a unit working in spirituality that shall reveal the Creator to us, the created beings. We expand and contract with our nature of reception to attain bestowal which is that quality of the Creator. Expansion contraction, inhaling, exhaling, internality externality and the particular versus the general will always result to determine and align all of creation to its purpose.




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Somewhere on this planet natural disasters are taking place that create serious suffering to humans and nature. Why? We can simply ascribe it to our lack of basic human connections, that is creating these disasters. How can connecting with each other help us?

This earth system we are all enclosed in and dependent on, has created it so, so that we can all come into balance and connection with each other. Then nature will realign itself once again. WE are and have been disrupting nature to the extent that it will destroy us.


Humans have dominated the food chain for millennia and reaching a critical point of reset required on all levels. These natural disasters and events will continue and escalate in order to create the shift necessary within each one of us. Nothing happens without the background or root calculation on the cause and effect forces that governs all systems. We just experience the surface event with our senses and limited perception.

This connection among us has and will have such an essential achievement as it expresses love of other. We will primarily consider the other than the self, and the other will automatically consider us in the process of correct connections. In this way we will group and become connected with each other and with nature automatically. Nature already follows the law of Oneness and is entirely balanced, dependent, integrated, connected and always purposeful in its cause and effect.

We are presently so disconnected from each other and nature’s systems that we are rioting against each other; the poor versus the rich, racism, sexism, religious, cultural, countries, economics, mineral resources and whatever else within which we need to experience, to thus exhaust this serious state of egoistic separation. 

In a new found state of connection shall we join this natural system of balance, and human love of other will harmonize with all its connections and dependencies. Until we reach that critical point which nature intends of us to connect with each other in a balanced system, shall we then know peace, love and the purpose of all these experiences.

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THE SECRET (The Hidden)

Here is a secret that will change your life, that is not in any book but it determines everything. A science that we can use to resolve all our human problems on a global scale. It is a different way of thinking about life. A language of feelings exists inside all of us, i.e the language of nature.


Nature’s language doesn't consist of words but only of feelings. Every emotion we feel speaks to nature, but we never stop and think what we are telling nature or asking from nature? We exist inside of nature as a field of consciousness.


The strongest force known to physicists today is the strong nuclear energy; which is effective on distances of scales, a million times smaller than an atom. There are even less apparent and more powerful natural forces not known to our sciences of today. One of these forces is the FORCE OF CONNECTION. This is a phenomenon described by quantum physics; where particles that are separated from each other by vast distances are observed to be connected in its separated different spaces. The force of connection means everything is connected as one thought and thus is one creation. We are all connected as one creation or better said as one creature.

The art of connection reveals to us the layers of nature that are hidden from us. Only recently, have we begun to understand that time and space are relative, and that matter is simply compressed energy states. Energy transforms from one state to another, which means that matter can move between states. Therefore it turns out that ALL the endless tons of matter that we see in the universe, does not consist of matter and thus is all energy.


The further we advance in our understanding of reality, and the deeper we investigate nature, the more we are convinced that it is a single force. Everything is a unified whole and actually in a form that we are unable to conceptualize it with our intellect. Our intellect is therefore so extraordinarily limited and thus our investigation of nature is extremely limited.

This leaves us with a BIG question; who are we? 
We are a desire, a creature with an essence to only receive, and nature on the other side is bestowal, abundance and light, that wants to fill us, the desired creature, with everything we desire. This much like a mother wants to fulfill her baby. We just need to learn how to ask for this nature of bestowal and the start is to resemble nature. If each of us wants what nature desires, we then become in equivalence of form to each other and nature. In this way we become the "cause" of all abundance that nature already bestows to everything.

What does nature want?

To fill all of creation with abundance! Do you want to fill yourself with all the abundance? Can you see and sense the difference between humans and nature? This is the field that we have just discovered! In the same way that you do not have to study medicine to take a pill that heals you, you do not need to know everything about nature to use this field of bestowal. The one great challenge we need to overcome, is the thinking, that our individual efforts are so small and meaningless, because we cannot see that we are all connected and have an impact no matter how tiny.


If we make a small conscious effort together, as a group (2 to 10 people), to find that connection between us, we generate such a powerful force that is inside of nature and attracts the full fulfillment of our connected desires. Therefore by making a conscious effort to radiate care, kindness, love and friendship to all human beings, we activate and use the field that connects us in our favor. Thinking, Speaking and Doing the same feelings as nature, that feeling of concern, is a great step closer to what nature desires from us.


What is human connection?


To understand human connection, lets base it on the primary great law of “love thy neighbour as thyself”. To conceptualize this statement without making it religious or spiritual, let’s use science as a method to simply uncover it. This phrase has been used by many and practiced to some levels, yet we have a world system where humans are operating and competing on all systems, abusively and excessively to the verge of collapse. 


We can clearly see that Nature is a interconnected and totally dependent system with all its parts, each requiring each part to partake in equal balanced portions, taking and giving into the system. It takes just enough to sustain itself within its well balanced systems and programs and no more.


Let us accept that this entire world system, absolutely everything in it with no exclusions, is based on connecting us to this law!  It started with a program of separation (egoism) that is taking place, splitting each person into an individual entity, operating as an entire world on its own and for itself.  To compete, outplay and outwit continues to be the order of each day - a totally self love state. Self love prevents us from connecting with others correctly. There is nothing wrong with this state, as Nature has intended this on humans and is leading us into correct connections with each other. As soon as we have calibrated to this intended state of love of other, everything else externally will all begin to fall into alignment. To fully understand separation shall we then know how essential connection is. Through duality (cold vs hot, health vs sickness, etc) do humans learn and are directed into a specific path of Creation, as it is a set order of Creation.


This world is developing more and more into a global interconnected and dependent system, on all levels and if we don’t connect correctly with each other, the source of Nature will show us how.


We shall slowly introduce the method of connection required by humans to achieve together in a unified field-system. This in order for us to connect with the entire universe as a integrated and balanced system of human nature. We will either do it correctly together or Nature shall show us how to actualize this corrected state.

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