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Notes of a student.....

We will always be students. At the moment on this journey I’m being consumed by the reality of duality. By consumed I mean, living and experiencing first hand what you are studying. It’s a love hate relationship with self, the immediate environment and our global environment as a whole.

If we look at nature, the force that is being governed by the force that created it. What is duality in nature? Currently the experience feels like a state of separation. 
I know that I wouldn’t know what hot is if I haven’t experienced cold. I wouldn’t know there is winter if I didn’t know summer. Could it be that I wouldn’t know what unity and connection is, unless I’ve experienced this state of feeling separate? 

Is it possible to experience moments where I can rise above myself, step outside of this ego and conditioning which I have identified with all my life. Am I able to study my behavior towards my environment with this perception?

How do I maintain this new found perception of reality or was it there all along and I’m rediscovering it?
Look at it this way, if I want to keep my body in shape, I go to the gym routinely, in other words I put myself into an environment where keeping in shape is made possible but I can’t only go once and expect results. 
Maybe it’s the same principle with reaching higher levels of consciousness. If I want to grow my perception I put myself into the right environment and I train this new perception of reality with others who have the same goal.


The study continues.......

Richard Thomson, Johannesburg

All my life I was searching for something but could not understand what I was searching for, it was just a feeling that something is missing. I can't really explain it.


I still remember the exact moment I discovered what that empty feeling was. I was looking at some videos online when I saw a video with the title "Are you searching for some meaning to fill that empty place?". I clicked on the title and here I am 9 years later..... What did Kabbalah give me? It showed me that there is truly a purpose for everyone out there, we just need to discover it. It taught me how to work with reality and how we can discover the inner workings of reality.

I could not believe how blind I was, I was nothing more than a puppet getting its strings pulled by a program that only makes calculations towards itself, the true me was fast asleep. For the first time, I understood why we fail, why we succeed, and how to find meaning between them.


Everything we think we understand about life is wrong, nothing is as it seems, only when you look at life from a different perspective do you start to see and experience life as it was meant. We have the choice to awaken or to stay asleep, I guess I made the correct choice, no more secrets only truth surrounds me, in my studies my daily life, family and work.


My message to you, yes you, this message was meant only for you and no one else, and you will understand what this sentence means, maybe not today or tomorrow but soon........

The study continues.......

Gert Gouws, Sasolburg

Notes of a Student


The joy of the study is the connection of the heart,feeling yourself as one with creation, knowing your part,  a purpose to existence above the calculations of your mind.


This means that you incorporate all of yourself in the quest for a higher connection with your fellow man and the extension of this in your daily dance with Creation.


The study continues....

Dilys Wyngaard, Cape Town

I wonder

I wonder if it’s our attachment to the world that makes us not want to transcend it.
I wonder if this world is making itself inhospitable so it can teach us to let go.

Like tough love, like a parent trying to teach a child to ride a bicycle. They help balance the child in the beginning and then slowly start letting go until the balance comes naturally.

Are we awakening to the realization that nature, this earth is a teacher?
Through our perceived suffering are we actually being taught how to get along. How to find our balance amongst our falls.

I wonder when with all the information we have gathered from our falls, will we be able to fly above our differences. Above our egos there are no differences. This statement does not serve the ones that are benefiting and profiting from our constant falls. They thrive on our inability to see beyond what keeps us stuck in survival mode. It doesn’t matter who they are, they are teachers. The reality is that nature wouldn’t allow it, if it wasn’t needed.

Can we wake up? Can we become observers of ourselves and start healing the parts of us that have been victim to agendas of separation. Can we start interacting and sharing on all platforms only that which promotes love, now that we understand the opposite of love? There can only be a performance, if we provide a platform or a stage.

Or does nature have to continue teaching unruly students?

I wonder....

The Study continues......

Richard Thomson, Johannesburg

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