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Nature will not resist mans basic needs, but will no longer allow us to take more than we already have. It has taken us to be in lockdown in order to see the clearing of sky's from pollution, sea animals come closer to our shores, the clear singing of birds from our windows, wild animals venturing into our residential areas, the list can go on. Yet do we want to return back to what we were doing and most of it useless products, excessive consumption, unnecessary travel, the list can go on?

Balance, that equilibrium law of nature that requires the taking of just enough to sustain the species, and no more. Ask yourself where the balance is with all systems that humans have created and operated, and yet we want to continue with them? How can some few men hold billions of dollars that will take them lifetimes to spend, but millions have no food.

It’s clear that humans are no where close to any form of natural balance. But selfish, self centered, self loving and exploitive egoistic relationships with each other and it’s environment.

Consider carefully that this current global event has given us this self reflection. Do we want to continue being the same as that before we reached this quarantine state? If we do, we are sure to receive more calamities to align us to the balanced state of Nature. It’s a natural law, the new direction humans have to take on, which overrides all man made laws.


You want it back, because your life was great, what about those many more for whom it wasn’t?

Everything in this earthly existence is calculated and authorised by a Higher Authority, that no man/woman, rich or poor, weak or powerful, can override.

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