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I want to be a gentle observer.


The observer of self, from within; to what I do and how I react. To Observe how I am controlled by my conditioning and uncontrolled judgments.

How we fail our lessons in unity, nature try’s to draw us closer, but this ego keeps pulling us further apart.It is a constant flirt, a competition, a program installed from birth, for one to be better than the other.

From a very young age we are programmed into thinking we have to be better, smarter, prettier and faster than the other.
Our subconscious wiring then thrives on competition and becomes the basis of all our interactions. 
The awakening is waking up to understanding that until we learn this lesson nature has been trying to teach us for generations; that of unity and interconnectedness versus the self and separation, we cannot move up a level, we cannot evolve.

Does evolution mean that we raise ourselves above this single self first? Then we can become the gentle observers of our present perception of reality and our world, before we participate. 

We analyse this human game plan, awaken and accept that it is no more
about competition and of teaming up against each other.

We see then that we cannot keep approaching problems with a mindset of division. That of outsmarting, outwitting and outplaying others, as it does not serve me, the other and the environment anymore.

Everything that happens has been authorised by a higher, divine authority, otherwise it wouldn't be happening.
I can no longer undermine this authority that is showing me that the lesson in division has become
as serious as death, as the ultimate consequence, if we do not implement the Great Law of Love Thy Friend as Thyself.



an Inconvenient Truth no more

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