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NOW within the depths of ourselves in feelings and thoughts, constantly throughout these quarantine days, we raise this prayer, request, outcry to the Single Force of Creation;

We demand in our outcry for connection, unity and alignment, as one whole single humanity, as one man with one heart. We stand together now and leave our ego, this for myself, behind. We care with utmost compassion and intensity for All.


All that has and will happen to us in this life experience, is an indication how essential unity and connection is and we please require it. Let us primarily align our human elements to each other and nature, with nothing for the self but only others.

This we ask with utter force of sincerity of only love, connection and peace. That nothing is redundant, but only in aid of teaching and guiding us all. We know it comes to us from the Higher Forces of the Creator, this Upper Light and Single Force that governs Everything! Help us.

Amen, Namaste, For All Life & All Concerned.

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