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I wonder

I wonder if it’s our attachment to the world that makes us not want to transcend it.
I wonder if this world is making itself inhospitable so it can teach us to let go.
Like tough love, like a parent trying to teach a child to ride a bicycle. They help balance the child in the beginning and then slowly start letting go until the balance comes naturally.

Are we awakening to the realization that nature, this earth is a teacher?
Through our perceived suffering are we actually being taught how to get along. How to find our balance amongst our falls.

I wonder when with all the information we have gathered from our falls, will we be able to fly above our differences. Above our egos there are no differences. This statement does not serve the ones that are benefiting and profiting from our constant falls. They thrive on our inability to see beyond what keeps us stuck in survival mode. It doesn’t matter who they are, they are teachers. The reality is that nature wouldn’t allow it, if it wasn’t needed.

Can we wake up? Can we become observers of ourselves and start healing the parts of us that have been victim to agendas of separation. Can we start interacting and sharing on all platforms only that which promotes love, now that we understand the opposite of love? There can only be a performance, if we provide a platform or a stage.

Or does nature have to continue teaching unruly students?

I wonder....


I wonder if....

The good connection between us in humanity is something that governments cannot understand, they cannot bear this unity amongst us people, as it will beat them at their own interests.

Good connection between people is Divinity, and cannot be messed with, cannot be divided, as the foundation of connection is unity above all differences, for the GOOD of all concerned. Now imagine the state where we begin tailoring (not destroying) our egos to only demand unity, with no compromises.

The mere fact that we can start comprehending and talk about this as an option, means that it has arrived into our consciousness, at this specific time of our evolution, to awaken us into the realization that it’s the only way forward.

Let’s choose this as our way forward, as the gift of our only free choice as human beings. Then we can feel our free choice steering those that underestimate the power of our GOOD connection.

Is this The Art of Connection ?

I wonder.......

rem love.jpg

I wonder if

The wolves awaken the sheep to gather together to unify against the jaws of death/ego. Is it in this quality of UNITY & CONNECTION, togetherness that we enter the transcending force from this present crude & dark state into the light/goodness/love exactracted only from our unified state?

If we don’t rise above our ego, there is no chance to relate and think clearly about the current state we find ourselves in.

If we start Calibrating & aligning our connection to higher levels, to the qualities of our Creator, can it be revealed between us as that “Equivalence of Form” to the Creator, and thus we are able to tune into the divine frequency. Above all our differences, can we connect to this frequency in the good connection between us? Know that in our differences lies the most treasured points of connection. Above our physical form there are no boundaries. If the body dies, what makes more sense to invest in?

i wonder.....

Good Connection.jpg

I wonder if

The initial wiring or software that was installed in my being can ever be reformatted? This constant default grounded in competition against other.
Are we doing each other a disservice when we raise generations passing on an “outwit, outplay” mentality? One of being the fastest, smartest, prettiest and the list goes on......

I wonder If our default is one of indoctrination, propaganda painted in pretty pictures that make us think division and separation is trendy, admirable and profitable? If I’m straight I’m better than being gay, if I’m white, I’m better than being black and the list goes on and on and on. Doesn’t really matter what side of this spectrum you stand on, we all get off on the idea of division.

I had an interesting conversation with the consultant at the bank during the week. The system was hanging and we had to fill the awkward silence with some conversation. Sometimes the “systems” gives us space to connect, if we can step outside ourselves.......

In a way we are quite lucky to be going through what we are going through in the world at the moment, it gives an opportunity to talk about serious stuff that affects us all, above our differences.
Basically the conversation allowed both of us to share a bit about our lives. She is an Indian lady, her boyfriend is a white Afrikaner. He cannot tell his father about her (the woman he loves) because his father sees her color before he sees her humanity.

His father teaches us an important lesson here, she said..... one that we can change what we have been taught to believe.

I wonder if she knows what an effect that story had on me. It made me think about environments versus game changers.
If her boyfriend grew up in a home where there was an issue of color, shouldn’t that have been something he carried forward into the next generation, if we are all products of our environments? Not in this case. Are we seeing signs that we are awakening to start witnessing in our time a shift in our consciousness as to what it means to go above our differences. That the reality of these dividing factors, have served its purpose, to push us towards unity?

I wonder if we will wake up to realizing that it is our choice wether we want to see and participate in creating a better world for everyone, or remain in repeating redundant patterns and teach hate and division to future generations to come?

I wonder, don’t you?

I wonder if...


In the Good Connection between us there will reign a divine energy where nothing harmful can be spread between us?

If this divine energy creates a magnetic field of light that protects all those wanting to establish Good Connections here on earth?

I wonder if the cure to all suffering lies in the Good Connection between us?

I wonder

don't you?

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