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Connection, how is it defined?


The connection we define here is NOT the type that we are accustomed too, that which comes from ones own mind and reasoning. This objectified connection that I’m close to someone, hugging, holding hands, constant communication and the general society take on it.

This type of connection isn’t contaminated by egoism, philosophies and religious dogma. It’s a space where we connect above all physical attributes. It’s that heart feeling, spiritual connection above all reason, where mutual guarantee of each part agrees to this action and abides by it into 1 whole part in complete feeling.

It’s virgin, pure, authentic and an all unify feeling of all its parts. A field of loving energy, a sort of matrix like system that envelopes all. The balancing energy in nature, that brings all into alignment with creation. It excludes no one and it must be felt as utter peace, calm and joy.

Therefore with everything happening, feel that we are all a piece in the whole mechanism of creation. Bringing all the separated pieces together in our minds and heart. That its not me no more but us, WE!

This is the art of connection!


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