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Antisemitism, Racism, Xenophobia are just some serious dark forces in the human psychology, that is used to separate and egoistically give some more hatred and power over others. This divides and stretches the unifying field that exists amongst us all and us with nature. These dark forces exist and are a part of creation for a particular stage in its development. Correcting this attitude and covering these feelings and actions with love, above all reasons, brings the light and power of connection, that unifying field into existence. It’s a decision to build or destroy relationships and connections between humans and that of humans with its environment.


As humans begin to apply this beautiful unifying power of connection, it activates the purpose of creation amongst those in the mutual beneficial society and or environment. With it activated, do we feel it’s power as that of love and bestowal and this expands our perception of reality. It connects us to the whole abundance of the G’d Power, that One Source that unifies and corrects the seemingly lack humanity is constantly feeling with itself and others, on all levels of existence in this physical world. 


Be aware of it, that it exists in duality in every individual with no exceptions. It’s seeking and building a correct environment/society, where like minded and mutual beneficial individuals come together and direct all their efforts to build and obtain connection, as the primary decision. It’s from this point that we can begin the state of spirituality and go beyond this limited experience.


Therefore choosing environments of connection above any separators, herewith in begins the activation of the correction and revelation of our human nature and purpose. This too, then initiates the correct connection to those in the unified environment,  with the energy and power of the Creator of this total creation and experiences.

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