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The Space Between Us


The human is the only specimen that while living in its animal body can rise above its animal desires.

It can discover and choose that everything that it perceives on the outside, are in fact it’s inner qualities. This human can then feel the outside and inner worlds as it experiences this life.

The inanimate, vegetative and animate states of nature, are all in total balance and operating in its basic natural cyclic manner, for itself and the other parts that it lives with and requires it, all for its harmonious basic survival and continuity.

Man exploits nature for its own benefit first, before it considers others. At this point man has the opportunity to develop that essential connection between itself the world and most importantly that connection between itself with its fellow human beings.

That space between itself and another person, here exists it’s potentiality to transcend this physical existence of pleasure and suffering. Here exists the biggest desire which is aimed towards attaining the whole of nature and makes it able to receive by correct connections, the biggest fulfillment cascading endlessly from nature towards all of creation. But it has to align primarily with the purpose of Creation.

When it focuses on those big desires for self benefit, this causes wars, destruction, poverty, suffering and an unbalanced nature that torments mans physical state. This because it’s out of synchronicity with nature.

The start for finding and achieving this balance, is to come closer in that space between itself and others. Not only physically but in its heart, emotions, feelings and thoughts about others. The self then no longer exists but only the other.

Here is exactly where love and bestowal, the eternal qualities of Nature and the same One Creator of All, can a person achieve transcendence to that of equivalence of similarity to It’s Creator.

The Art of Connection

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